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New Tools added by YouTube to enable video Recommendation Tool

Since last few months the company Google is more concern about video recommendation tools which have been introduced for its one of the popular part YouTube. In January 2019 YouTube announced a few changes which they have done by using algorithm but later when the reports were generated; it was found that they were also promoting conspiracy.

New York Times published an article where they have researched how young people were changing their mind-set by YouTube content. It’s a psychology of any human being when we watch anything that makes us feel better and influenced by that particular content and it doesn’t matter if it is video/graphic or in form of article. We believe we are doing the same.

Due to which YouTube is now investigating various ways to ensure its users are not being shown irrelevant content and this time the algorithm is improvised.

YouTube has added

  • More New Topics for Tags

  • Backing Sci-Fi Technology

  • Di Projects

These will help the users to find more specific videos. YouTube also giving users more controls like if they want they can mark in YouTube not to recommend that particular video. YouTube will also provide suggestions for similar categories to its viewers.

If any user have remove a channel or clicked not interested or ask not to recommend they won’t see those videos further but still they can search to watch if desire to. As of now these upgrades are only applied in YouTube mobile application, desktop is still in process.

These tools are applicable for Facebook and twitter while share and tweets from people even you don't follow into your timeline.

YouTube displays almost perfect videos as suggestion every time. It is no drought a big step to gather more and more viewers and also attractive for the commercial entertainers as they could earn from the advertisements, product promotion and getting more popular.


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