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You can’t ignore the Interaction with your customers on Social Media.

In today's time one thing which any brand whether it's a multinational or national they can't ignore any interaction with their customers on social media.

Those days are gone when any buyers were used to buy any product on word of mouth or newspaper advertisements, and most of the buyers are on social media and all brands are ready to interact.

Interaction with customers is one of the important parts of any brands marketing strategy, it is that important you can even write it under your KPI.

Why only Social Media?

In today’s age conversations happen on social media. People buy from social media itself. Before going to any site they check about the reviews, star on the social media. Social Media is that type of platform in today’s time it can take your business to the heaven and it can even take you to hell.

One bad comment on social media can lead any company to the massacre. Social interactions provide benefits such as increased exposure, lead generation, reduction of marketing expenses, improve online search ranking and develop loyal fans.

Don’t hide anything on Social Media.

As I said one bad comment or lie to the users can rip your business apart therefore always be open on social media. It very important and pretty tuff to create a rapport with your customers. There are many ways to have a conversation with your customers like small games, poll, and situation based question etc.

Act Accordingly.

There is no single rule on social media, there are different types of social media like profession and informal, or both. So you can act accordingly if your target customers are corporate houses use LinkedIn is the best platform for corporate advertisement. If it's FMCG or service then it may facebook and it can be the informal approach.

Understand and then Engage.

There are multiple aspects that you have to keep in mind while interacting with your customers like never overstep, understand them properly, and always be polite on social media. Above all with the presence of social media and their apps social listening to acknowledge, resolve and thank customers.


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