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Will Digital marketing take over Traditional marketing?

It’s always been tough to choose one that which is best and why, and what it's ROI. There are many people who say Traditional Marketing is better and many Digital Marketing is better. Whom to listen any why.

Marketing is one of the critical parts of the business, or you can say the backbone of the industry which cannot be ignored. Intelligent and sophisticated entrepreneur and businessman will ensure the part of the budget for just only marketing. However, it is an era where a large portion of people makes online transactions; another doesn't even know how to use the internet. This makes it highly difficult for the entrepreneur to decide which aspect of brand marketing to concentrate on; digital marketing or traditional marketing.

Here are the some of the Differences which is quite common in marketing but will help you to decide which one to choose and why.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing is old accepted customs which is still running in today’s time ever since the concept of advertisements or marketing came into existence. Which primarily includes brand promotion through

  • Newspaper.

  • Pamphlets or flyers.

  • Radio.

  • Television

  • Billboard or Hoarding

  • Print Ads.

Traditional Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the new age marketing method with the help of various internet and mobile application. Digital Marketing has managed not only create awareness or promote brands but also give them a global platform which helps them to reach wider. In this type of marketing, brand promotion is mainly done online through

  • Business networking like LinkedIn

  • Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Email marketing (Mail Chimp)

  • Paid pop-up ads (Google Ad-Words, Google Ad-Sense)

  • Blogs ( Content Writing, Bloggers, WordPress)

Digital Marketing

Marketing is an art that how you can connect with your customers and where you are connecting for example if anyone is struggling in search for ticket to his hometown but unfortunately he/she is not getting any vacant seat in a plane or train, and somehow you ad popped up on any online media, the chances of getting a click is much higher in that scenarios. Digital marketing entirely depends on internet-based marketing and its lot more comfortable and cost-effective than other mediums.

Some of the Advantages of the Digital Marketing are

  • Huge return on investment.

  • Easy to measure

  • Easy to adjust

  • Brand development and promotion

  • Precise targeting

  • Global

  • Segmentation

  • Engagement is much higher rate.

As most of the medium under online media which is Facebook, Twitter, and Google is user-friendly which is any layman have to sit for some time and while doing some hitantrial any user can get an idea which is good and how to do it.

I don't think digital marketing will kill or takeover traditional marketing, but traditional marketing won't be used that much in future, but it will be used together for e.g.

Coca-Cola: They have managed successful and combined traditional marketing with digital marketing. Through traditional marketing, they helped customers find their names on the bottles of their favorite drinks.

By including hashtags, they encouraged them to share their pictures (with the targeted product) on social media.

McDonald's: They combined traditional and digital marketing methods also while having a strong online presence on social media, the fast-food chain also uses print ads and billboards to capture the attention of the maximum number of potential consumers. The brand makes sure its messages reach all kinds of customers, irrespective of their preferences.


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