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What is SEO and Why It's Important.

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

As we all know SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization which is generally recognized under two main factors, First On Page SEO and second is Off Page SEO. It’s Important because its help you to get Natural and Organic traffic through different search engine.

When it comes to Major Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo they have their own set of Algorithm where they ranked the pages according to the relevancy of the need of the majority of the users. Its total Organic and Payment isn’t involved.

Every Search Engine will look for few thinks on your webpage or blog: They are

Words: Any search Engine can crawl all your data on the web and match and categorized with the other words.

Titles: They look for Titles which is in Back-end of the web-page

one of the example which we call a title is below

Links Matter: It can be "Inbound Link" or "Outbound Link" which helps to get know how many sites are referring you.

Reputation: Fresh and Real Content will get the Reputation of the Page. As People will visit the webpage or Blog and they spend time or going through the page, automatically the reputation of the website will increase.

As Violation have been also included in the factors of SEO, with On Page and Off Page SEO. So every factor is equivalent to each other. I.e. all the Factors should be done equally with their own specific Importance.

When we talk about SEO, It’s Results are pretty good when all the factors are covered all together. According to the Periodic Table we can see which factors are more important and which is less as compared to other two, Periodic Table is below

Source: Search Engine Land

On Page SEO Success Factors:It refers when Publisher of the website manages their own Domain by himself and decides what type of content you should write, Site Architecture etc.

Off Page SEO Success Factors: Off Page SEO is not controlled by Publisher they have to depend on the Social Media Platforms as they have their own set of protocols.

Violation and Ranking Penalties: Search Engine wants the people to perform SEO on their webpages, because it helps them to increase their search results. But this doesn’t mean publisher can use unwanted theories for their website as it can result blocking your webpage from search result of search engine.

Weighting of Search Ranking Factors:All Three Factors of SEO are weighted on the Scale of 1 to 3, in which 3rd is very important factors in SEO and it needs very serious attention. In a nutshell we can say that every factor of SEO should wok all together and should not be left behind.

In website content is one of the Important that is why we say CONTENT IS KING. When you are writing any content for the website it should be qualitative content and it should answer most of the general question by the user about the product and website. When you are writing content the publisher or content writer has to make sure it should not be copied or fake. Proper research should be done before writing any content.

Because when users are coming to your blog or website they are not fools neither they have come directly to your webpage, So Proper source and research and reference must be provided.

When you are writing content you should always go for those KEYWORDS which are trendy and easy to remember words, most important factor after creating a good content is the good keyword which has the highest search volume you can take out the keywords from the Adwords Key Planner or you can go for other sites.

Your Blog or Site should contain keywords but this doesn’t mean you can just fill all your blogs with keywords; you can call this as a spamming of keyword. That Content which performs better in Vertical Search helps you to succeed when your content doesn’t.

SEO have their own guideline in Site Architecture as well where they see

1. Is your Site crawlable?

2. Mobile Friendly.

3. Secured

4. Duplication

5. Page Load Speed.

6. Site Map

Links was one the most important ranking factor of the off page seo. Every search engine go for link quality like which site given your link and is it relevant or irrelevant as now a days you can buy anything in the market but when it comes to Google its totally creating a line which states that everyone is same for them no matter you are paying but after the paid ads organic will be only those website who have highest number of organic visitor.

If any page is having the link text crawlers check those link what that link is about and which website they are pointing which states that this site have the good content and useful for the users, but a publisher can’t control the words which people use therefore its necessary to highlights those links.

Search Engine also helps the users to have their viewer PERSONALIZATION as it records where the viewers are coming from and which region even they can records form which devices and with operating system they are coming which can be easily found through Google Analytics.

As I said Social Media have their own set of guidelines when it comes to ranking set of results. As every search engine update themselves on a regular basis like Google they also look for social profile, but only those which are connected to your sites, As anyone can create multiple account which is not crawled by the spiders. They check for Social reputation of the company, ranking factors therefore it’s better to leverage social interaction and behavior.

That content which get socially share can turn up into engagement and at the end may be revenue generation.

At last which is not taken by any of the Search Engine is Violation and Spamming.

Shallow Content: There is no meaning in the content and it has no value for viewers.

Cloaking: you are showing different content to crawlers from the user browser.

Keyword Stuffing: Putting in all irrelevant keywords.

Link Spamming: Putting the link of the blog to all other blogs just to get impression or views. which causes higher rate of bounces.


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