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What Ever you Post Always #Hashtag your Post

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

Love to #hashtag? Good news!

When you use any hashtags on your post automatically it considered as a keyword which can be searched by different users in terms of Google. When you use them Social Network will be able to index them and these Keywords will be able to Display your results to the Users or Followers of the Keyword.

Basically Hashtags or Social Tags are generally used to Categorised the content so that when any user is searching for the content for a particular keyword they should get the content they want instead of going through all the Junks which they not even want to see or read. If it happens it may cause the bad experience to the Webpage or Blog.

There are Multiple Apps in Android Play store where you can get these Tags like Social Hashtags, Hash-Local Social Network, and Hash Monitor. Where you can get multiple trendy hashtags for the post you share on social media platforms. It also depends where you are using and how many you are using for E.g. if you are using multiple social tags on facebook it may slow down your engagement matrices but if you are using multiple tags in Instagram it will enhance your engagement.

When you are using hashtags no Matter how much trendy. Tags should be relevant to content.

When you see multiple posts on Different Social Platforms you must be having Question why do Marketer uses Hashtags on their Post?

It’s a tool which helps people to talk about and follow them to get the latest updates with the specific theme and content. It can also be used as the Marketing tool as many people follow some specific Keywords, Hashtags or Social Tags which Interest them.

When you use hashtags or Social Tags on your Post with Proper Research about Keywords or tags you can get these following Matrices which can help you make a social business strategy for your company and as a Digital Marketer you can judge which social platform is good and beneficial for you and your organization, some of them are

1: Total Number of Matrices.

2: Sentiment

3: Engagement

4: Reach

5: Impression

When Using Hash tags few Points which should be kept in mind are.

1: Use Relevant Hashtags.

2: Don’t Use Too Much of Tags.

3: Do Proper research before using any Trendy Keywords.

Each Network Has their own Protocols and Guidelines therefore Understanding the basics of using hashtags and social tags a digital marketer should have to understand the social media strategy.

Few are:

Twitter: As there are character count restrictions, don’t use more than 2 hashtags per tweet for better engagement.

Facebook: Use 2 hashtags on Facebook try one popular hashtags and one custom hashtags for your brand.

Google+: Use hashtags on Google+ to find and join a conversation about any Specified topic. Click on hashtags to show related content.

Instagram: It allows up to 30 hashtags, however keep it to no more than 11 per post for the highest level of engagement.

Pintrest: Use only 2 hashtags; it’s a category of search so use your unique hashtags to help pinner’s to find relevant content.

As Hashtags are very Important and Crucial part of the Social Media Strategy and Marketing, So it’s Necessary to use it wisely and carefully. Hashtags into your social Message, Post, Blogs can Increase the Level of engagement and Views but it’s not even allowed to spam your post with the Keywords, Social tags or Hashtags.

Always use trendy keywords, relevant and Easy to Remember Keywords.


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