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What are back-links? And why are they important for SEO?

When we talk about Back-links most of the newbies even professionals are confused, how to create and where to create so that a particular page can get a good rank in Google SEO. But if we go deeper there are other factors of SEO but back-links cover most of it, means back-links covers the major part of the SEO and also it should be your first priority under your organization KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

There are multiple types of back linking which you can create in your website Hyperlinks, Inbound Links and Outbound links. All three are important for a website.

In today's time, most of the domain holders try not to mention other websites address, but it can be done with the government holder websites because it authenticates the subject matter of your webpage.

If we see Inbound Links and Outbound links are Interconnected to each other links If Site A is mentioning any link which is going to Site B then for Site A its outbound linking but for Site B its Inbound linking vice-versa.

Hyperlinks are entirely different when you are hyperlinking any article or word which is redirecting to the same website but to another page its hyperlinking

But you cannot just create inbound links or hyperlinks just like that it should be relevant and from the known brand.

For, E.g. Site A is ranking higher in google search engine and if Site A is making an outbound link which is redirecting to Site B which is an inbound link for Site B, the chances of getting proper positioning are possible for Site B.

But if Site is A is irrelevant and it’s not ranking good or average then there will be no improvement no matter how many outbound linking Site A is creating for Site B.

Why Backlinks are essential for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

As I have mentioned earlier three types of linking methods. Between these three Inbound linking is one of the most important factor because those links are redirected directly to your website. As discussed earlier inbound linking can get you good ranking on the google pages, but unfortunately, it has got darker side to which is if those inbound linking is coming from irrelevant pages or low ranking pages it may harm your website with ranking factor and bounce rate.

E.g., If a user is reading about diet food and that site has hyperlinked your site page which got the totally opposite information it will create a bounce rate on your website.

Inbound linking is very essential for SEO perspective because when you create valuable or referral links indexing through your google search spiders will get higher and will also boost up your traffic. It doesn’t matter how many back-links you create, how many quality back-links you are creating that matters for a particular article or page. More quality inbound links better popularity of the website.


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