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Upgrade your Business to Marketing Dashboard

Data for Business

Data is the only capital which any business needs for profit in present time. Data have the ability to collect important output from which will not only help you to have a better plan and also build your KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Technology is getting improvised very drastically. Facebook, Google, Twitter are upgrading their services on time, which results in an increasing number of data resources and expectation from the other SMEs who are investing in them for their online Advertisements.

It's true that there are multiple digital businesses which are running by Data, still, at some part, they also fail due to modern marketing demands like cost, compatibility harmonisation. As a result they eat up resources.

Marketing Dashboard

It’s time to upgrade your business with modern marketing tools. Marketing dashboard is totally different from other business intelligence tools. It is specialised in collection, blending, visualisation and collaboration of marketing data. While dashboards have traditionally made a home for advertising and marketing agencies and on departmental team inside large enterprises, the technology continues to gain ground with small and medium-sized businesses. Dashboards are so effective that you will even find most BI vendors eyeing their own data displays as areas for expansion.


When it comes to the combination of the data and integration data, harmonisation saves your day because it combines the data from the different sources and provides the comparable view.

Marketing dashboard has the connector capacity to ingest data from thousands of vendors and harmonise it across the pre-created data sources, displaying it all in one place.


Traditional Business Intelligence tools are expensive to implement and maintain. Many organisations even spend lacs of rupees just to connect a small handful of data sources, above that they also spend on maintaining these data sources.

Marketing dashboards are cost-effective and data insights are already compared for the end user. The connectors come loaded into the dashboard without additional time or money spent.

IT resources

During the set-up process intervention of the IT department it is necessary in order to effectively grab essential marketing data. If a marketer looks to create and measure a new KPI on a campaign, it often requires a trip to the IT department. Luckily marketing dashboard is pre-created, pre-designed and pre-developed with marketers in mind. This dashboard already has data connections and KPI capabilities to measure against a real-time campaign.


Marketing dashboards are not a replacement for business intelligence tools, but they help organisations with harmonise marketing data. BI tools are built for reporting and analysing any type of structured business data, while marketing dashboards are purpose-built specifically for digital marketers to fill the gap.


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