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Top Digital Marketing Trends which may change the Digital Marketing Strategy.

As in this 21st Century Consumers as well as users demand more integrated experience from the Apps and software's, therefore, digital marketing offers its advancement and its upcoming and revolutionary technologies.

  • Augmented reality: It’s an interactive experience of a real-world environment whose elements are "augmented" by computer-generated information. Most of the mobile companies are bringing new integration with their mobile sets and power apps and better well optimized social apps which can be integrated with augmented reality.

  • Collapse of Influencer Market: Many multinational companies spend millions of dollars on influencer but they don't get any true data that how much they are getting traffic from that influencer. So it may collapse in future because by the time artificial intelligence will be integrated it will help you and guide you what and when should be done for better performance in the market.

  • True Understanding of Customer Journey: In any domain or in any company marketing team is succeeded on when they know about their customer's true journey on their website. Which includes coming to the website till users' checkout.

  • More Targeted Ads: Generally users already have minimal attention or getting served with too many ads on their devices, though they don't need those ads or they are not looking for that, but in future targeted ads will be one of the most important parts of any business strategy. Specially optimized ads for every device because a company doesn't know which device their user is using.

  • Professional Live Videos: It's not just a video it should be a professional video which will be the most important feature in future live video's which is a great way to connect your audience in real time, and the quality of the video should be in good and best quality.

  • Personalization along with all stages of sales: if any company is still sending impersonalized mails or going the way of fax machine they have to change the way they use to work, because in today's time personalized mail, landing pages is very important with respect to connecting with users in no time.

  • Contextual Targeting Strategies: As per General Data Protection Act its sure that tracking user behavior by cookies is pretty tuff and complicated. Therefore its pretty sure audience targeting strategies will be replaced by contextual targeting strategies in future. As far as brand safety is concerned it will be mandatory for all business for using contextual targeting strategies.

  • Cost Per Experiment: Digital marketers will continue to get closer on ROI through their work by identifying all the old metrics which are rolled up into their cost per experiment which includes Cost Per Impression, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Pixels. As there are multiple channels and multiple tools marketers must run experiments and measure outcomes.

  • Native Advertising: Companies seeking to enhance market reach, brand relevance and improve overall engagement can benefit they include native advertising in their digital marketing strategy.

  • Digital Integration into offline experiences: It's very essential to integrate digitalization into real life. Which means if any person is not in a network range still they can be targeted.

  • Voice Marketing: As per google 20% of the mobile queries are by voice and this number will increase which has already as users are getting used to Alexa, Siri. Marketers need to prepare by creating content that captures these types of searches, and advertising in non-traditional places.

  • Increase the level of Content Marketing: Till now most of the business and media are using article write-ups and video. But in actual no one is having time to read articles or watch a video, therefore featured snippet, interactive tutorials, live video will come in which will change the way of content marketing in future.

With all these trends above and few other like Social media messaging, Chabot’s, integration of artificial intelligence etc. will also change the way of Digital Marketing in future.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2017/12/18/how-digital-marketing-will-change-in-2018-15-top-trends/#21bbfd2f2d9a

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