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Soon you will be able to share your Instagram stories

Ever since Facebook has purchased Instagram, it has received multiple updates and new features like stories, video calling, live streaming, audio messages and many more. Due to which many businesses and individual are doing better in the market.

Now they have been working on the feature of sharing links of the specific stories.

At the moment you can only forward the Instagram story to someone who is following you on Instagram but not to outsiders.

But in future it will change, because Instagram is currently working on an update which will help you to share the Instagram stories to those people who are not following you on Instagram, you can just copy the link or you can share directly from your Instagram page, like we share the Facebook post to different medium through link.

Once the story is uploaded you will get the option to copy the link or share the link from the 3 dots mentioned below right corner of the particular post.

As Instagram stories are valid for 24 Hrs, after that the link which is shared to different medium will be redirected to the home page of the Instagram of the user or business profile.

This update is still under testing process, therefore, there is no surety when this update will be live, they have also made the pipelines of the updates and one of them is you will be able to direct message to your users directly from the website.


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