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Snapchat Could be more like Tik-Tok

In Future Snapchat could add music to their post like TikTok. According to the report in the Wall Street Journal, it may happen but their no specified date as still testing of this new update is under process.

If we recall earlier snapchat was working on an update where this application was integrated with 8 different languages which are Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Malay, Vietnamese and Filipino, out of which 6 were Indian, for evidently focusing on the Indian market.

As per the Indian Market Scenario, Snapchat lost many users because of complicated redesign which was not even user-friendly at all, which results in Instagram and LinkedIn have grabbed all the Indian Market.

Every Plan and Updates which they were testing when Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, in April 2017, infamously said that "poor countries" like India and Spain were of no interest to him for business expansion.

If snapchat brings this update in the market where users and business owners can add music to their stories like Instagram and TikTok they might gain some of the Indian traffic and also tap the social media market with other competitors.

Back in December Snapchat added an Application LIPSYNCING which is basically done through Snap Lenses. This update allowed users to create lip sync videos with augmented reality effects. But this feature is locked inside of lenses, so it's not as easily accessible as music features in other apps like Instagram.

Though Facebook is already working on their pipeline of updates on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook where they have already made deals with record labels to add music to any video.

But as of now music driven feature is Instagram's Spotify integration, while we don’t know how exactly Snapchat's version of this will look like.


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