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Robot Judges with no Human Bias in AI Courts

All over the world, many people are locked up in cells with a valid reason or maybe without any reason, but everyone has the same thought in mind that with a better lawyer or judge things could have been different.

We all are Human Beings, not a God so it is obvious that we will make an error in our life unknowingly and later when we realize we won't be able to undo that mistake.

After a thought, it just clicked on my mind is it possible to remove the human errors from our system, what if we can work with Artificial Intelligence system? What if all the decision are based on the facts which are provided to the system.

In today’s time, many companies are getting their hands on Artificial Intelligence like Google and many other social media giants so is it possible to bring this system in our legal system, where they will provide you the decision based on the facts and no human biasness.

Many Law firms are using Artificial Intelligence system like computer algorithms which will perform all sorts of background research. Research work is one of the most important factors of any business it can be market research or legal research work. With different type of AI research methods which are coming in the market slowly and gradually, all the research positions will go away.

Many companies are trying to change the work culture of the legal system where they are using Artificial Intelligence for making fewer human errors. For eg. Ask any question on google, you won't get 100% correct answer to your question but you will get an idea of what to do and where you will find the better answer, you don't need to consult anyone for any question.

Writer Rossalyn Warren points out that human beings are not 100% perfect, by their nature. Newbies will always bring their own set of knowledge into the courtroom.

Still, we all can say we are not that advanced but if we take a small example of the LIE DETECTOR machine we can figure out that people are more likely, to be honest as compared to a human sitting in front of them.

There is a company named Creative Technologies created an artificial intelligent robot named Ellie where a team of researchers led by Jonathan Gratch tested on two groups of people.

Half told Ellie was just a machine that was able to ask questions and understand their respondent's emotions. Whereas other half told Ellie was being operated by a human puppeteer. But what was more important to know Those people were shown to give more honest responses.

“If a lawyer can use AI to win a case and do it for less than someone without AI,” says Tom Girardi, “who do you think the client will choose to work with next time?

Former Prime Minister Theresa Mary May of United Kingdom addressed last year to the Davos Forum, where she pointed out that we need to develop a set of laws governing Artificial Intelligence so we can “make the most of AI in a responsible way, such as by ensuring that algorithms don’t perpetuate the human biases of their developers.”

After all, as Ms. Warren points out: "AI, computers and legal robots are made by humans. "Technology, like humans, can make mistakes and hold the same discriminatory factors.

And the real risk there is that humans won't be able to justify machine biasness.

If you end up jailed on a robot judge’s decision, there’s even less chance to file a plea of innocence.


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