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Personalised Customer Experience

In today's environment personalization, your customer is very important. Which is necessary for a business and revenue point of view. When any business or firm provides individual experience it helps to increase sales and above all loyalty by making each customer feel as if the brand knows them and can anticipate their needs.

Still, many companies make mistakes and struggle to come on the right track in terms of giving individual experience to all their customers or users. What can be done to ensure that your efforts to provide individualized, personal experiences create the right connection at the moment, when customers want it and how they want it? Secondly, how can costly mistakes be avoided around personalization that doesn't fit?

Personalization Standards in customer experience.

According to customer experience consultant, Shep Hyken personalization means creating an experience for a particular customer which also includes recognizing them and making relevant suggestions that you don’t make to others, and appreciating them for their past purchase.”

Forgiving proper customer experience with personalization we rely on data analytics and digital technology to deliver messages and recommendations which is basically made for each individual. In today’s time customer needs more relevance and attention from every company and if your company fail then they shift their loyalty to other substitute company.

Personalization is not an invention. In the luxury goods industry, companies would live or die based on their ability to create relationships and curated knowledge for each customer’s preferences, tastes, and desires. What has brought this to the mainstream is the power of technology in particular, the use of big data, and most recently, machine learning.


Availability of more advanced and differentiated analytics has led to the second wave of personalization. These data help the business to provide the Personalization services and make better suggestions. Above all its seen that most of the consumer give their details to get better customer experience.

Data must get it right

Today’s personalization and recommendation strategies have been based on large, batch analytics projects. Batch analytics refers to looking at huge volumes of data of the fact, rather than in real time. As these results don’t represent what customers are looking at right now, it can turn into the risk of being less accurate.

Instead, real-time analytics on customer behavior has to provide recommendations at the moment, while customers are making their decisions. That's when they need to feel that a brand anticipates their needs and desires, and saves them time by recommending or offering what is most relevant to them, right now.

This real-time experience represents the future for personalization . By working in real time, you can overcome the issues in more traditional personalization projects and exceed what customers expect from brands right now.


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