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From 2020 you will see Official Advertisement on WhatsApp

The Digital World is going to be remarkable in the year 2020. Since Facebook have also purchased WhatsApp and Instagram both, and they have been working on plenty of modernized features, especially for WhatsApp application to make it more user friendly and commercially beneficial.

The users could find more effective Improvements on all their application mainly in WhatsApp business which they have brought in the market a few years back. This messaging application already impressed by its reportedly testing a QR code feature to share contacts easily and desktop accessible.

In Social Media Market there have been multiple scenarios which have hinted WhatsApp application would have been started displaying advertisement back in 2018 but it didn't. Recently in the summit which was organised by Facebook in the Netherlands, they have announced that they will be starting displaying advertisement on WhatsApp by 2020.

The advertisements will be played automatically among the contacts at the Stories or Status to promote the brands.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra and Head of Be Connect Agency Oliver Ponteville shared slides of the appearance of ads on WhatsApp Advertisements. These all are for more and more digital involvement of users on the WhatsApp Business app.

Facebook wants to use Instagram to redirect users from Instagram ads to WhatsApp advertisements. So it’s like a collaborative world of Social Media

There have been rumours that banner ads will be displayed on WhatsApp chats. While we guess the actual plan is to earn from the user’s information which they will use as Data in Artificial Intelligence.


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