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Is it really possible that Artificial Intelligence will replace Judges and Lawyers?

Updated: Sep 20, 2018


Technology Advancement and Level of Science have grown to that level that people are debating on such type of questions that Artificial intelligence will replace human skills. In today's time, lawyers and judges are dealing with human problems face to face like criminal procedure, harassment and other which is possessed by the general public all over the world. However, at present most of the work which is done by the computer in this field is in the nature of typing, data feeding, data analysis, data search, templates and repetitive type of work.

Examples of Use of Artificial Intelligence:

Many smartphones are having a feature like Siri (Apple) Iris (Android) Windows 10 (Cortana) and latest Google home and Alexa from Amazon. In today's time, most of the developed countries and their retailers are using Artificial intelligence to anticipate the needs of the consumers by using its feature of predictive analytics. Financial institutions use it for fraud detection. Smart home devices have the ability to learn a person’s behaviour patterns by adjusting the settings of appliances or thermostats, while self-driving cars are inching their way to reality. And AI systems are detecting cancers. AI is being used for interviewing potential candidates for employment.

How Artificial intelligence is used in Legal Field:

1. Many Legal firms in the United States are using Artificial intelligence to predict when and where crimes are likely to occur.

2. Predicting legal outcomes and to find out which Lawyers win before which judges.

3. IBM WATSON another question answering, Computer System is a machine which is able to answer your legal queries at home without approaching Lawyer.

4. Coming to India Harshvardhan Sharma, Who founded a new Law tech startup “Easyadvocacy”. It guides Lawyers through different types of cases while connecting them to relevant templates, documents and precedents. In this techno world, they have created such a wonderful tech that users can submit their cases from anywhere and after the verification, they get quotes from top experienced lawyers from a user's city. Above all the documentation and conversation Which is done between lawyer and users are totally classified. When it comes to documentation Easyadvocacy provides all the relevant documents on your doorsteps.

Advantages Artificial intelligence

  • Accuracy and precision

  • Reducing in time consumption

  • Cost cutting

  • Legal Solution to access to justice problem

  • Computers don’t get tired, don’t get hungry, and don’t get sleep.

  • Solving problems of human beings.

  • Computers are away from human prejudices.

  • It will increase job opportunities for youngsters.

Disadvantages Artificial intelligence

  • Unstructured human interactions

  • Computers cannot understand the emotional states of human beings.

  • Computers may be able to read or analysis sentences but may not be able to understand human psychology.

  • Lawyers require creativity and flexibility which are beyond the current scope of computers.

  • By delegating and increasing amount of tasks to machines, there is a danger that existing skills will atrophy.

  • Regulation of technology may become necessary with possible negative usages of AI.


It may be cleared that Artificial intelligence will remain as an enabler or supporter of the legal field. But not as a replacement for lawyers and judges.


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