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Instagram Shows What You Like and Results are quite Unpredictable

Most of the Instagram advertisements which we generally see in our profile some makes sense but some not even close. As we all know Instagram is going wild when they talk about upgrades and enhancement of user and business owner’s experiences.

On its pride month 2019, Instagram is a part of Facebook now, so when we create any campaign we have a choice whether we want to show this ad on Instagram or not. Instagram assembles all kind of data which we like, we see and we search on that basis they collect all the data. Yes Data is the main weapon of today’s Digital World and it’s controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

Those who regularly scroll trough Instagram must notice some irrelevant advertisements. Sometimes those advertisements make us feel that we are losing our freedom at online shopping. Because of AI revolution we are convinced and it is monetizing our emotions. But if we see in the setting of our Instagram account we might get shocked because there are many areas are mentioned which we don't even like.

So what is the solution?

Every Single person who is using Instagram has different Ad sets. Recently they are enriched with tag options. Even now you can choose your gender. Still, have a question from where they are getting all the data? As mentioned earlier that Facebook and Instagram pulls the data from the third party application too if we have logged in to that application from the Facebook account.

Advertisements follow our browsing history and cookies. One of the current trends by Artificial Intelligence is called “Data Harvesting” which could guide you wrong way if driven by wrong associations. Just imagine if you stop receiving love and like reactions from your posts then you might suffer from depression.

So if you want to see the relevant advertisement of your account you must check the privacy setting of your account and set your privacy. But this doesn't mean you won’t see any ads but those ads which you will see it might be relevant as per your interest while travelling across the Internet. Clear your cookies regularly to stop manipulation and also check the privacy setting of your Facebook account.


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