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Click and Make Money-Instagram may bring forward its Shopping Feature

An image is not an image if it doesn’t tell you anything or now we have to say an image is not on Instagram if it doesn’t sale anything. Without explanation an image is just a snap. In other words its century of social marketing or rather it’s an era of social shopping.

It’s have been seen under many circumstances anything can happen through social media, above all many influencers and businesses using social media to influence their buyers.

According to the Screen Shot Twitted by Social Media consultant Matt Navarra new order sticker have appeared in Instagram App Stories.

It’s not clear how exactly it will work but $ Sign can be seen, it may be linked to the particular sellers payment gateway.

New product sticker have also arrived, though they have plenty of updates and tests which are going on and some are in the pipeline of the company but only few landed up in launching. Or maybe it could give a chance to the users to upload photos of their own products for sale. Which means in near future the users can sale and by products from their Instagram accounts.

According to the today's scenarios Instagram have been emphasizing more on shopping feature, meanwhile few days back they have also included checkout feature where influencers and sellers can directly sell their products form the same application.

In present scenarios Instagram have been pretty calculative about how and which part of the update should be launched because it’s 21st Century and everything is online, even grocery items also you can purchase online and very next day all the items are on your door step.

The Company Facebook.Inc is still figuring out what’s the best way they can monetise stories, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the company's last earnings call

"Advertising is going to be the way that revenue comes in for the foreseeable future, and I think will lend itself to private interactions around payments and commerce and interacting with businesses in that way."

Keeping them updated and commercial Instagram is initiating to turn the photos into products. So if you have a dead account and earning interest then let’s start doing product photography or take selfies along with objects for your Insta followers. No need to order new business cards just new posts on your "old" account could promote your products and make you profitable.


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