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How to Improve Engagement

Content marketing a vital process when it comes to engaging with your customers, because it becomes a lead generation tool in itself. But this method can be industrialised through an ‘intelligent content supply chain.

Today Content Supply Chains Prevent Continuous Customer Journeys’, argued many organisations’ content gathering processes don’t just need tuning up, but a complete rethink.

For reaching the desired end state of intelligent content, all the companies need to build and rethink their current process, technology, and organisational structures which can be prepared for a future where the strategic value of content continues to grow and determines the difference between company success and failure.

Strategies in order to streamline the content and engagement process are.

Take control of your content supply chain: Enabling a ‘global content operating model’ which will move the business potentially to an automated and autonomous model of creation, translation and delivery.

Explore intelligent content platforms: Adding intelligence to a content ecosystem again focused on the automation side.

Rethink how content is constructed: There are more avenues for content than ever; never mind just blogs, video and podcasts, but also chatbots and virtual assistants, among other emerging channels. Brands need to look at these areas and ensure their content can be adapted with ‘minimal rework and maximum impact’

Be ready to adapt content for any channel: Brands are creating more content than ever, is it hitting the right places? Therefore all companies should have a centralised and standardised toolset for content creation, translation and delivery.

Realise that customers want product information: Necessary step should be taken in getting the proper notes right throughout the process and also getting information in place during the buying cycle.


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