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How to build your SEO Strategy for Small Business

As in today's time, the level of local business is going on the higher rate and every day more than 100 companies are opening daily, and it may be stores, franchise, or small business which results in the high level of competition between everyone in the market. Therefore it’s very necessary to follow some of the online and trendy features which are pretty cheap and user-friendly.

Some of the Local SEO Strategy Tips are

1: Target All of Your Areas of Service: When you are into business always start from local targeting where you can reach faster than the other. The key is to create several different advertisement pages on your website, each of which is directed at a small section of your services.

For instance, you might be Air Conditioning Company in your own city. You can advertise yourself as Air Conditioning Company with the name of your city, but did you promote yourself in your locality because you will get most of the business from your locality.

2: Utilize Consistent NAP: While in business never change your Name, Address or Phone no of your business, especially when you are registered in google business. This goes for your business’s website to Facebook to everything in between.

3: Manage and Claim your My Google Business Listing: Always claim your business in google because it helps in geographic targeting, especially when you are running a restaurant. Once you’ve claimed your listing, you can start working on your profile. Edit all of your business’s information so that it’s correct, making sure of course that you’re using consistent NAP. The more positive reviews that you can get on Google, the higher you’ll rank in your geographical area.

4: Social Media Platforms: In today’s time social media is very much trendy and happening. With low cost and relevant groups you can get maximum amount of exposure. For instance, when you share a blog post from your business’s website on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve got a better chance of people reading it. The more people that read your blog post, the more attention it will receive from search engines.

5: Link Locally: Along with NAP, this is arguably the most vital of all local SEO tips. In order for your small business’s website to rank locally in search engines, it needs to link locally with other businesses. Getting backlinks from other companies in your area is a process which can take some time, but is absolutely worth it in the long run.

6: Never consider your website to be finished: If you want your site to rank higher then it's very necessary to edit or improve your site regularly. Because if you make any changes in the website google crawl, bots are programmed to crawl the changes.

7: Always use Google Webmaster tool and Google Analytics tool: Google webmaster tool is the Search Console for the website which instructs crawl bots which pages to crawl. And Analytics tool gives you the data and condition of the website.

8: Never Copy Content: Never copy the content from the other website, it will downgrade the level of ranking of your website.

9: Backlinks and Interlinking: Always use interlinking and backlinking of your website will help you to get high ranking for the website.

10: Optimizing website: Always optimize your images which you can check in google page speed, and Website should be all device friendly with Secured SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.

There are many strategies which you can follow, but these are some techniques which are easy, user and pocket-friendly.


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