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High-Quality News tabs might be a Swipe: Facebook

In future, Facebook would go on with News Game as they are not looking forward to quitting this. Earlier Facebook responded to the comment which was made a year ago about the misuse of the platform with fake news and political bitterness.

But Chief Executive Officer of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg gave a hint to bring back the news emphasis with making some new development.

As per the conversation with European publisher Mathias Dopfner about journalism and social media, Mark stated that Facebook has considered a new way to publish news, where there will be separate tab and only high-quality articles will be published, above all Facebook, won't charge users to access that tab.

If we think we can recall that in this market they are not alone, the same method is used in the Apple News+ where the users can access the news tab and they can read high-quality news. Apple News+ provides its subscription at 9.99$ Monthly.

For years Apple and Facebook have been conflicting between others, Tim Cook and Apple also sub twitted about their privacy on their products, whereas Mark has asked their employees directly not to use Apple products.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook won’t pay any amount to News Publishers to share their news or content out of a sense of public service.

Since many years Facebook has been losing traffic and relevance as a social media. Re-committing to making Facebook a space for high-quality news, whatever that means in the eyes of editorially non-committal Facebook would be a draw for users, especially if they can get that high-quality content for free on Facebook when they have to pay for it on Apple.

At last, Mark stated that Facebook is all about family and friends with the news. It's really about winning the war and attention over the competitors.


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