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Hackers will no more Harass Instagramers

It’s very distressing when you find, that you have to create a new Instagram account because your current profile which had more than 10K followers has been hacked and their handles were locked down.

Earlier the Instagram user victims had to hire ethical hackers to unlock their accounts. Hackers generally hack these accounts and change the victim’s passwords and demand a payment made in bitcoin or use for unauthorised business collaborations and sponsorship. They also use the contacts of the followers for the same.

Therefore Instagram Authority have looked into the issue and found a digital security feature leading by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong in March 2019.

Facebook has recently linking up their products with Instagram. The Social Media Giant has already experimenting with an In-App feature which could make easier to regain hacked accounts for Android users and soon they will do the same for IOS customers.

As Facebook owned Instagram Application has decided to add a few security features which will make it tough to steal the user information like username and contact information which are included with the Email Addresses and mobile number used as user ID.

By clicking on “Need more help” the Instagramers will get back their profiles without help of any outside security team. The users will be asked to mention their email ID or mobile no to send a six digits code. After applying the code the Insta-account will be recovered immediately and it will be removed automatically from the other devices from where the hackers could misuse.

Once you recover your account you can choose a new email ID mobile no or reclaim and sign-in with the same old user ID. All the information even contact details will remain same.

Instagram will offer a cover which will prevent any username from being claimed for a period of time after it is modified, no matter if it’s a hack or a voluntary change.

Let’s hope that this feature may save some peoples’ money and personal data.


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