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Google's 'Privacy Sandbox' Aims To Make Web More Private

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Everyone knows the primary source of income of Google is advertising on a different website through a different medium, still, this tech giant is continuously expanding its branches and services through cloud and hardware.

Recently Google has announced its new product which is called Privacy Sandbox, which will protect users when they click on any advisement's on the web.

Privacy Sandbox protects users privacy as they open ads on the web, and it will develop a set of open standards to fundamentally enhance privacy on the Internet. The company also aims to ensure that advertisements to be relevant for users, and personal data which is shared with websites and advertisers will be minimized, and will keep information on device memory only.

As per Google, blocking of cookies and encouraging techniques such as fingerprinting will weaken the privacy but developers have found ways to use information which may vary between users.

This includes information such as what device they have or what fonts they have installed to generate a unique identifier which can then be used to match a user across websites.

Google's Privacy Sandbox plan is to go beyond the solutions for Chrome such as blocking fingerprinting and classifying cookies etc. by working on to "develop new standards which will advance privacy while continuing to support free access to content.”

Google has already acknowledged that this process will take years before this plan can be executed.


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