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Factors you should focus for Ranking in Search Engine Optimization.

In today's time, Search Engine Optimization is not that same that you can work on few targeted keywords and you are in 1st Page of Google Search Engine Optimization, It too beyond now and those are old players that have already grabbed the position. It’s because the rules and ethics keep changing and all the algorithm are re-written every year so that they should not give leverage to anyone.

If you want to rank higher you can't ignore any of the changes or rewriting of the algorithms which they have done. Google ranking factors can make or break your website’s position on internet search results (search engine results pages).

There are plenty of ranking factors which are documented and listed by the good and the great search. Just a few years ago, many big names would spend hours and hours compiling lists which quickly became irrelevant, because Google changed their policies and algorithm which enhanced the list and changed all the planning and digital strategies made by the big names. Above all, it's not easy for a website to accept all the changes.

Most of the SEO success comes from the focusing on the Key Google Ranking factors and these are applied to all sites, are these factors still matter today.


This is not new in actual content is the king and one of the most important ranking factors of the website. However, there has been a shift away from content that’s focused on keywords to producing material that’s more relevant and uses everyday language. It seems that Google is not evaluating content according to the Individual keywords. Algorithm updates like Google’s AI system Rank Brain place a value on relevance and optimization. An in-depth examination of one particular subject, which is easy to understand and clearly written, will outperform material that’s packed with keywords.

Back Links:

The second best important factor is back-linking. In recent years due to change in the algorithms in Google, they can identify the old bad links which are not relevant. There should be multiple links which need to be relevant and from domains that are authoritative. Therefore its very necessary put simply, create good quality content and promote it well.


There are several technical factors which might help your website to rank higher, which includes Accelerated Mobile Pages, and mobile page speed. Specifically, page speed on mobile. Google has been promising to look at mobile search speed for years and now, at last, they are finally here.If your website speed is slow on mobile then there is a possibility that your website can be penalized because of that, so if your website is getting slower its time to fix it as soon as possible.

Social Media:

If your post is shared on Google, and your post is directly connected to your website, therefore, its sends a signal to Google that your content is valuable and relevant to the users. Though as per the Google algorithm but sharing on social media websites are not ranking factor but there’s no getting away from the fact that the highest ranking pages do have a lot of shares.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most evolving industries. Google is only giving priority to those content which is rich and having good quality links, with Google mobile loading speed.


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