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Corporates embrace selfies for branding, speeding processes

When you talk about selfies, for many of them they are fun but for some they are narcissistic or a mental disorder depending on person to person. But do you know now a days it’s becoming a trend and a part of the business operation. Some are using it to build their brands, others are finding it useful in speeding up processes.

There are many companies under digital marketing, sports media agency, and ecommerce are creating campaigns to encourage their customers to take selfies and they could win a discount and coupons.

Financial Institutions have more serious use cases. Small finance bank encourages customers to use selfie to open their banking app instead of entering your password or pin.

Many Indian banks like Allahabad Bank, Union Bank of India, Andhra Bank have invited their customers to send selfies and a photo of their PAN for opening savings accounts. Selfies also help in e-KYC for online brokerages companies who don’t have any physical shop around the city area.

Kotak Life Insurance uses selfies for generating a quote for an insurance policy. Kotak says, "Your selfie will be used to provide a life insurance premium estimate based on an estimate of your age and gender."

But still question remains, how selfies are so effective?

According to AliveNow Big Bazaar, resulted in 13,000 more footfalls after the campaign called selfie game where they came up with the augmented reality game.

There are plenty of examples which was given by many companies like mantra, Pedigree, Equitas Small Finance Bank, which signifies that Selfie is one of the most important and essential trends in terms of the security and fun aspect.

If we try to take this to another level this trend will also help with off page seo perspective if we can inspire to post these picture on social media with company name or company pages it will create massive traffic through social traffic.


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