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Career Prospect in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence represents the concept of a robot which can perform intellectual task in a perfect way. It’s a combination of models. The models are created based on DATA. Machine Learning (ML) is the advanced form of AI.

Artificial Intelligence v/s Psychology

It’s really surprising how Facebook automatically tag your friends when you upload your selfie. How an application predict exact matching characteristic of yours? They don’t even ask you any details only you have to log in from your Facebook accounts. The human mind model might be inaccurate but AI Models are not. According to psychology human brain achieves intuition power from past experiences. When insight mind does not concentrate or follow discipline, it gets confused. AI is known as mind reader and AI analysis is based on identification of relationships and attitudes within a model, context and scenario. AI mind is a smart data model which based on analysis of data history and calculation.

How it Works

The calculation method is called Algorithm. AI is allied to algorithm which maps out the activities and movements of the device. Now the funny things are how it collects the data to keep a record. We all use hashtags when we post something and we all are Data Scientists in beginner stage because hashtags turns the words into Data. Data Analytics work to identify the trends or patterns from available information.

The machine learns to rectify itself automatically from its failure that is why it’s called Machine Learning.

Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence

AI is almost a definition of Hype. Present ideas will be dissolved when lots of new ideas will occur. This Hype Cycle will help CIOs and IT leaders mapping essential trends.


From Alexa to all Social Networking websites are using Artificial Intelligence. As it can work like human brain most of the E-Commerce websites are using this. Also it is applied in Predictive Analysis Method, GPU- Accelerator, Assemble Learning, Voice Recognition, and Autonomous Vehicles

It was a rumor that AI projects are restricted in highly populated country like India with a concept that robots will take over human resource. Below mentioned companies are recruiting for AI to prove the concept wrong.

  1. Cogitaas,Mumbai India

  2. Hughes Communications India Limited, Mumbai India

  3. Accenture, Pune India

  4. IBM , Bangalore India

  5. Lifeline Mind Care Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai India

  6. Simbo.ai,Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

  7. Wipro Limited,Bangalore, India

  8. Ericsson,Bangalore, India

  9. Qualcomm, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

  10. Siemens Technology India,Bangalore, India

  11. Amazon,Bangalore, India

  12. DXC Technology,Bangalore, India

  13. Microsoft,Bangalore, India

  14. 24/7.ai, Bengaluru India

  15. Novartis,Hyderabad, India

  16. Unifyed,Gurgaon, India

  17. Ericsson,Bangalore, India

  18. ArStudioz,Noida, India


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