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Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO

There are many organization which believes their company has to be on number one page of google search engine. Therefore most of them use black hat SEO techniques and ignore the consequences of using black hat SEO.

Most of the small and medium enterprises and organizations use black hat SEO on their website which has result their website left far behind under google ranking and those organizations which have been patient and invested and spend time on their website, and they are still in the race of ranking. If your website page is within 5 to 6 pages of Google, then the quality of SEO is good but need a bit of improvement but if it's not they the domain holder have to work on it.

When we talk about search engine specially Google, it has been way more stringent to get ranking as compared to earlier days. Reasons: Competition, Marketing Strategy, Psychological thinking of the consumer and many more.

If the website is well optimized for the other devices like Tablet, Mobile or I-Pad it takes near about 6 Months to get the traction with the google, 12 Months to see the traffic go up and minimum 2 years to be really crushing the market that too in those scenarios where your website is showing the relevant content to the viewers.

What is Blackhat SEO?

Blackhat Seo refers to the technique and strategies use to get higher search ranking by breaking search ranking rules. Blackhat SEO only focuses on search engine, not on the human audience. Some of the techniques which are used in black hat SEO are keyword stuffing, link farming, blog or content spamming.

Keyword stuffing: Means filling in all the keywords which have got the higher rank in keyword planner, it doesn't matter its relevant or not.

Link Farming: Mentioning your link everywhere you can.

Content Spamming: Giving your content everywhere you can.

Cloaking: Showing one thing to visitors and another to search engines.

These type of techniques are used by those who want to have quick traffic on their website and don't want to invest their time in their website SEO.

There is no doubt black hat SEO can get you massive traffic on your webpage, but the consequences are enormous, it may be ban from the search engine, or your link is pushed backward that no is even looking at it. Google won't index you further as these techniques don't go with SEO guidelines.

What is White hat SEO?

White hat Seo techniques are fair and fall under google SEO guidelines. It's used to achieve a fair ranking process for lifelong. No doubt it's a time taking process, but you can see your link in 2 to 3 pages of Google. If your content is pretty good, then it may be on the first page of Google. In short, your website rank may fluctuate as per views and quality score of your site it won't vanish from google.

White hat Seo is specially used for the human audience, not for search engine. Some of the techniques which are used are Keyword Analysis, Daily research for analytics for optimization of the website, rewriting meta tags, relevant link building, and content for human readers.

That’s why White Hat SEO is also called Google Golden Child.


As why white hat seo is necessary for the website and not black hat seo is discussed and, because of the techniques white hat SEO is also called google golden child.

Some of the SEO tools which are useful for beginners are followed below

· Google Analytics

· Google Adwords Keyword Tool

· Google Page Speed

· GT-Matrix

· Ubersuggest

If you want to check the speed of the page you can simply go to GT-Matrix it gives you detailed knowledge of the web-page, or you can also try Google Page Speed or Neil Patel. As per the analysis, you can optimize your web-page as per SEO guidelines.


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