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Are you able to align your digital strategy with your brand strategy?

In today's time, most of the Marketers it may be from Sales Department or Advertisement Department or Digital Marketing Department nearly most of them have the idea about Digital Tactics through which they can market their products into the competitive market.

But in reality when it comes to connecting those digital tactics to our own business model or brand strategy many of them are bit lost. Actually is pretty important to connect Digital Strategy to your business model or brand strategy because at last your products are your bread and butter.

After the survey which was conducted on marketing directors, 91% agreed that executing successful digital marketing efforts requires adherence to a clear brand positioning. But despite all most brands fail to consistently develop their digital tactics with brand positioning in mind.

Why Digital Marketing should be connected with the Brand Strategy.

Digital Marketing shouldn’t be made with Brand Strategy, in actual, it should be made after the brand strategy is done because many times digital strategy doesn't fit with brand strategy. Brand positioning lies at the centre of every successful activation. When you have the static position in the market it will help the marketers to stay at one point with regard to messaging and overall experience, and when you have both Digital Marketing and Brand Positioning at the same level the results of, consumers experience the brand in the way it's intended to be experienced.

Sadly, many marketers lose sight of positioning’s importance online in favour of short-term results. Digital activation makes it easy to achieve and measure tangible business results.

What is the role of Employee in successful Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has narrowed down the space between consumers and companies, because of social media, blogs, and related channels, therefore it’s pretty easy for companies to reinforce their positioning in the eyes of audiences. But as there are many advantages of social channels there are disadvantages of social channels to like one wrong message at the wrong time, placed online which can be seen by everyone, can do lasting damage to a brand.

This doesn't just apply to the marketing team, either. Thanks to the blurred lines between the digital and the real world, every employee needs to be considerate of how to represent the brand in every online interaction, including content creation, blogging, and social media. Consider the following digital areas in which employees' attention to brand positioning.

Content development:

It's very true content is the king, but it doesn't mean that if your content is pretty good and better than your competitors you are in the number one position in the market. In today's time, no one has time to read content, only those content are read which are short and crisp and knowledgeable which can reflect your product in the mind of the consumer.

Social media:

In today's time, social media is one of the powerful media which everyone should use because it bridges the gap between your consumers and you. In today's time if we take an example of any company like snap deal or Airtel they answer your queries on the social media within 12 hours.

Digital Marketing in these categories represents opportunities for increased sales and improved levels of customer satisfaction, but when they are also executed with brand positioning in mind, they move beyond short-term goals and set the stage for long-term brand equity-building.


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